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Specialized Industry Solutions, LLC
Specialized Industry Solutions, LLC ®                            325 Mirandy Rd., Algood, TN 38506                                                Phone: 931-520-1405
PLC Service Calls 
Is your manufacturing equipment not functioning properly?  Our electrical controls engineer is capable of making service calls to reprogram the existing equipment to get your equipment up and running.  Down time can cost you money and we can help reduce that time.  

Click below for information about the SIS Controls Contract.  This will enable you to lock in designated blocks of time.  This will ensure that the SIS controls engineer will be available when your machine fails and we can repair as soon as possible.
At Specialized Industry Solutions, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
Electrical and Mechanical Service Calls
The experienced electrical and mechanical technicians are capable of visiting your facility and repairing machines that are not working properly.  Often there are issues that can be addressed immediately but there are also some instances where it may take more time.     
Machine Retrofits
At SIS we are capable of upgrading existing equipment by adding updated PLC controls.  In addition, mechanical operations can be added to improve the performance of the equipment.  From the design, to removal of existing controls, building the retrofit and installation; SIS is capable of improving production and the efficiency of dated and worn equipment.